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Seniors! It's time to order graduation announcements!

Dear Senior Parents -

GRAD YEAR IS HERE!! Congratulations to both you and your Senior!  

As we begin this second semester, we wanted to let you know that it is now time to place your order for Graduation Announcements.  Our trusted business partner, GA Balfour, is ready to support you and your family as you celebrate this milestone achievement! Check out this fun, short, animated video that introduces this opportunity to celebrate your Senior! You can watch here >>>

Please then visit to place your order online! Our school’s Graduation Text has been approved so orders will ship within 2 weeks of your order placement.  We are also excited to let you know that our traditional announcements will now feature your student’s name printed within the text of the announcement! 

Please note that GA Balfour offers our traditional custom school announcement as well as a more contemporary photo announcement style you can customize with your own photos.

Congratulations! Place your order today! 

Questions?  Please contact GA Balfour!  

GA Balfour


Thank you, 

Sean Smith  |  Owner  |  410 Winkler Drive, STE B, Alpharetta, GA 30004  |  Office: 770.594.8155  |


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